Say hi to Foxy!

So there he is. For lack of a better name, he’s called Foxy. I made him in Blender. He’s the result of about three years of screwing around with Blender. Not that it took me three years to make him, but to learn everything that I’ve put into him. He’s still not done. My issues are mostly with rigging. I thought I had the problem solved by using Mesh Deform but then I ran into issues using him in the game engine. Now, while I was putting together a game-friendly rig, I came up with an idea for the wrist, one of my problem areas. Long story short, after all I went through trying to figure out Mesh Deform to fix my problems, I made more problems for myself and then fixed the first issue I was having while fixing the issues I made.

Good fun!

Still, I can move him around and all that good stuff. I used him to make a new avatar for Steam.

I also entered a Christmas competition with him but I didn’t even place. My lighting still has a lot to be desired.

But it doesn’t matter. I think I’m getting good at it and that’s all that matters. Also, my Boss/Dad has mentioned a couple of times that we need to make a small commercial for our company CleanSweep I.T. Services, which is pretty cool.


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