Oldie toy is newie toy!

We’re working at our store one day and someone drops off a Super Nintendo with some games and controllers. Yay! Oh wait, it doesn’t work. Good thing I got my new gamebit! I ripped the thing apart and decided I couldn’t fix it. I haven’t gotten to microelectronics yet. I do have an Arduino clone somewhere but I never got around to getting the serial adapter. The controllers though, I can use.

Destructive aren’t I? I am actually, but today I’m making something. Actually, this is the second one I’m making. The first one I made for my Mom. This ones mine.

My little brother can’t take care of his stuff. CDs? In a stack. Game controllers? Dropped, cracked, broken inside, and with little pieces of rubber chewed off.

Anyway, he broke his controllers, Logitech Dual-action. Those Playstation-like controllers. Don’t know what was wrong until I opened them but I knew they were broken, so I ripped them apart and inside I found a very nice smallish circuit board and with a little bit of grinding away at the plastic, it fits nicely inside.

I’m being a little lazy with mine. For my Moms, I ground away the bottom of the Logitech board (where the joysticks were. you can see it.) and added a small USB hub and a flash drive. Loaded the flash drive up with a bunch of classic roms. Not exactly legal, I know but somehow I doubt sNes is going to get popular again. Anyway, it fits and that’s all that matters. Well sort of. Those rectangles with JP2 and JP3 run ALL the buttons. Also FYI, it was the joysticks that were broken.

Here’s how I soldered wires for all the buttons. Seemed safer than soldering where I pried off the microcontroller. Also, I used epoxy to help keep the joints in place.

And here’s all the wires in place. It’s messy but it works. It’s even colour coded believe it or not!

The Logitech had another board inside it for the buttons. On the back were a bunch of diodes. Complications. Long story short, I had to use GIMP to map traces and find what went where.

It looked more complicated trying to follow each trace with my eyes but here’s what it all boils down to.  The black marks on the left and right are the location of the plastic circle inside the sNes controller. They’ll pinch my wires.

The wires shortened and soldered to the right place. See the colour coding now?

And finally everything soldered to the logitech board.

And that’s it. It works awesome! I’ve already played partway through Chrono Trigger with it. 😀

I’m planning on making another one too but with a Wii Classic Controller instead of an sNes one. I find I can hold the shape of the sNes (and therefore Wii Classic) controller for long periods of time without any pain. A few hours with a Playstation-like controller and my pinkies are sore. I’m going all-out with it too; hub, flash drive, LEDs, rumble, and a spot at the top for an extra USB port.


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