Frankendell Lives On!


Yes my desk is messy, leave me alone!

I’ve had this little piece of shit Dell running for about two years now. When I got it, it was dead. I pulled it apart and replaced the popped capacitors and it worked! Now I’m using it for my personal media server. I installed the fan in the top to keep the 1.5 terabyte hard drive cool. Found a bunch more capacitors on a dead motherboard so I’ve got a good supply of them now. Runs quiet except when the processor heats up, then it sounds like it’s going to take off.

Anyway, specs.  It runs Ubuntu for now. It’s got a 3.some ghz P4 processor. Single core obviously but it’s 64 bit. 2 gigs of ram. Shitty Intel graphics card. 1.5 terabyte sata hard drive with TV shows, music, movies, and my other downloads. Won’t handle games but only choked on one video so far. And to top it all off I have a touch screen. Not a brand-new one but one that got replaced in a fas-gas.
So thats it. Frankendell. Wonder how long I can keep the fucker going.

Lol! 3.some! XD


Our first customer

Our first customer actually came about eight months ago. What a piece of work.
Anybody who’s gotten on a Windows computer knows that it tells you things. If you read, you can probably get the gist of whats happening.
Anyway, she comes in, says she tried to change her facebook password, and now she can’t log on to her computer.
Somehow or another she managed to change her facebook password, her windows password, and couldn’t remember the password for her email account to get her facebook password back.
We managed to get her Windows password reset with Hirens boot cd.

Finally, all said and done the bitch took almost two weeks to pay us.